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Zaki Khalifa

Digital markets demands high-performance, flexible, and customized interconnection

For this reason, we at Khetta caters for a variety of different services. The interconnection regime in the future will require flexibility in terms of different interconnection models and will have to cater for different types of interconnection needs, such as peering, cloud connectivity, security services, private federations with specific SLAs and security policies, and many more.

We are heading toward creating a successful and an optimal interconnection ecosystem establishment. We are using these ecosystems to introduce new services following the path of our customers’ needs – anywhere

We seek good conditions for successful growth. At the heart of our strategy is our goal to make interconnection easy. This means a continued promotion of the direct, cost-efficient and resource-efficient use of interconnection.

We invite everybody who is digital today, or who is on the road to digitalization, or thinking of digitizing his business to join us on our journey.

Let’s create the ideas together and map the journey into an interconnected digital world.

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