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Digital transofrmation Cloud - Khetta
Digital transofrmation Cloud - Khetta


Digital transformation

This is a complete journey starting with Digitization, Digitalization and all the way to the end of the Digital transformation, we are simply following the advice “Digitize or Die” and we propagate the concept to those who wants to survive in the market.

Project Management - Khetta
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Project Management

There is no success without a proper planning and planning doesn’t mean anything without a proper execution which leads to the expected success story. We provide you with this service from start to Go Live either by the documentation only or being part of the project.


Website Designing

We’re talking about the new digital world, the interconnected and the endless integrated services in the cloud, we do encourage people to build their digital identity in the digital world even by using a simple static site to showcase their market value and their serviceses, but we are deep into dynamic content, e-commerce and cloud integration.

Website Designing - Khetta
Website Designing Phone - Khetta


Branding and Multimedia

Being present in the digital world requires some eye catching design and a meaningful logo. When we build the design we consider all the required methodologies and steps to grab the audience attention keeping in mind Google Search Analytics’ requirements as it is playing a very important role on viewers interactions.

Branding and Multimedia Color - Khetta
Branding and Multimedia - Khetta
Branding and Multimedia - Khetta
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Cloud Apps - Khetta
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Cloud Apps

There are literally thousands of cloud applications up to date making it impossible for anyone to know it all, but with our experience with the premiere customers in the EMEA and our strong relationship in the market all we ask our customers is to tell us about their pain point, we list the highest quality yet cost effective ones and peform the needful.

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We provide a solid consultation service and bind it with comprehensive documentation whether it’s a Strategic Plan, Project Management Plan/Files, Lean Transformation Management. Numbers and figures are key strengths in Khetta, we study well, plan with excellency and help transforming from good to great.

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